We are living at a remarkable time for humanity
Never before has individual power been this potent. We have technology, education and incredible freedom, that make this the most privileged time humans have ever seen.

What we do in life right now, truly matters.


My name is Rahu

I’m an entrepreneur, mentor, philosopher, tech artist and a dedicated father – but above all, I am a human being willing to look at life as a precious opportunity.

I strive to shift our attention to this unique time we’re living in, and help awaken the tribes of our new era. By building new systems, networks and joyfully sharing our gifts and knowledge, we pave the way for a truly collective world beyond borders and limitations.

Our greatest challenges hold our greatest gifts, and our greatest fears reveal our greatest strengths. This truth will soon unite all humans, and a totally new world will emerge.

For now, it begins with you...

To me, humanity as a species stands at the zenith of evolution. Four billion years of life, is looking back at itself, right now, through your eyes.

Each of us is here to play out our own unique part within this living symphony. What we do in life right now, truly matters.

My vision is a world where weakness transmutes to our greatest assets and collective healing is the new economic engine.

My passion is to help build lifestyles, careers and communities that break free from the obscurity of redundant social and economic structures.

There is a profound story of fulfillment, purpose and prosperity within each of us.


From sanitized economics to purpose-driven careers

This article explores the development of personal services and products, based on it’s value to humanity, rather that it’s value as a source of monetary income. It’s not one vs. the other, it’s just an order of priority.

Covid-19 & what the pandemic reveals beneath the surface

There is a strange undercurrent within our attitude towards the Covid-19 pandemic. A subtle unspoken secret, reveals itself as a bizarre enthusiasm in anticipation of a catastrophic escalation. I noticed within myself that I am secretly hoping for something truly serious to happen, and this articles explores why and what this dark longing could be.

Guidance in silence. Exploring our intuition.

An exploration into the nature of our sensory perception and discovering a fresh way to look at our most underdeveloped sixth sense of intuition. Is it really so different or are we collectively just deaf to it’s wisdom? I aim to contextualize the nature of intuition and explore practical ideas of applying it in our daily lives.

Happiness, our biological responsibility

In this article I explore the idea that there are biological mechanisms, cleverly designed for each of us to live joyous and fulfilled lives. Misery is the abuse and rejection of our utterly natural state of happiness.

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